I find myself feeling alone...

I find myself feeling alone…often. I bet you do too.

One thing I’m going to ask God when I get to heaven is “How come I felt so alone while doing Your work?”

I find myself feeling alone…often.  I bet you do too.

Isolated…defined as “far away from other people; remote; having minimal contact or little in common with others”.   Yup, that’s it in a nutshell, I feel like I have a lot in common with the other women in church, but for some reason they must not agree.  Like when they have a LuLaRoe party, and are all excited to try on the clothes and get some comfy leggings…I want comfy leggings.  Why can’t I go?  Why wasn’t I on the guest list?  For some reason, they must not think I’m “crazy” enough for the patterns.  I don’t know…

Single-handed…Like when I run my kids to all their activities because of meetings that keep dad busy.  Feeling like a single parent, I rush to make dinner for everyone so they can quickly scatter to their different corners of the house to do whatever it is they do.  I single-handedly clear off the table, wash the dishes, and pack tomorrow’s lunches.

Lonely…Or how about when I feel alone when I go to bed at night…alone in a bed that I share. A bed that I share with a husband that is supposed to be in relationship with me and is just too exhausted to have a deep(er) conversation with me than the simple, “Good night sweetheart, hope you sleep well.”  Lonely.

Have you felt this at times?  Please don’t say I’m alone on this too!

I LOVE Kari Jobe’s song, (appropriately named) “I Am Not Alone”.  Here is the video for you to watch and soak in the words.

Kari’s song reminds me of this:

  1. God is with us during the dark times!
  2. God always goes BEFORE us
  3. God fights EVERY battle for us
  4. God is amazing
  5. God is my redeemer
  6. God calls me His own!
  7. God is my strength
  8. God is my defender
  9. God is my security
  10. God is forever faithful
  11. God is my healer
  12. God NEVER leaves me

Now THAT helps me to refocus on truth, that I am NOT alone..there may be moments that I feel like I am, but truth must be told…Jesus’ exact words to his disciples in Matthew 28:20,  “I am with you always, even unto the end of the world!”  He is present, He is near, He understands loneliness, separation, and isolation.  He is a God who keeps His promise to never leave me, to never forsake me.  People may fail us friends, but God NEVER does!   And I wouldn’t trade that for those wacky-patterned leggings any day!


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