First thing’s First

Dec. 8

Tis the season to be—well, first! We usher in the Christmas season by being first in the Black Friday line, first to get the Christmas cards out, first house all lit up with LED lights. Doesn’t it seem that we celebrate the “first” of everything?

If you could see our tree in our living room, you would find ornaments celebrating many of our family’s firsts. Our first Christmas together, our first home, first pet, first car, first child, first handmade ornamnet, first Radio City Music Hall show, first youth group, and first family picture. It’s impossible to not celebrate the firsts in our lives!! And with good reason…

While we tend to recognize all the firsts that naturally happen in our lives, let’s take some time to truly think on all the firsts that were happening in the lives of those key players some 2000 years ago. Mary, Joseph, Herod, the Magi, the angels, the shepherds….all experienced a new round of “firsts”.

  1. First census to be taken
  2. First trip together as a family, to Bethlehem
  3. First pregnancy, under unusual circumstances
  4. First delivery room, in animals’ company
  5. First child born, to Mary and Joseph
  6. First quiet moments, with the newborn
  7. First lullaby, sung by Mary
  8. First gifts presented, by the Magi, in worship
  9. First plan to destroy Jesus, by Herod
  10. First treasured years, shared between Joseph, Mary and young Jesus
    1. First blanket
    2. First teeth
    3. First steps
    4. First words

Why do we celebrate firsts? Maybe it’s the excitement that comes with experiencing something we’ve never done before. Maybe we celebrate for the pure reason that it brings us back to a time when so much joy was present we couldn’t take our eyes off what was happening. Or possibly we celebrate those firsts in an effort to remember the very feelings and emotions that made such an impact in our lives, changing us forever.

We should celebrate!

We should raise the roof with praise!

We should shout it from the tops of our LED covered houses….Jesus, the Firstborn over all creation made a way for us!

Now that’s worth celebrating!!

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