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Freedom in Christ gives room to be YOU!

Having just celebrated the 4th of July, I have been thinking a lot about freedom.  Despite all the chaos I’m seeing each day on social media and the news, I still want to remember the freedom we have as a nation!  In the United States, we have freedom to protect ourselves.  We are free to grow a business that feeds our families and our passions all at the same time.  We have permission to say what’s on our mind, and even show our convictions and concerns to people in leadership.  Our freedoms are many here in the US!

I’m not going to lie, I am concerned in I see headlines saying how our law enforcement is going to be defunded.  What will things look like if we don’t have those dedicated men and women to protect the laws that were put in place to protect us.  Those laws give us freedom and  give us life? 

Obviously in this flawed world, when leaders abuse that and  take life into their hands, it is the law that provides consequence and justice.  For instance, our perfect God created laws and gave them to Moses to establish boundaries with the Israelites.  God protected, provided and gave life to these people through these laws.

In the New Testament, Christ came to give us even greater freedom!  The price He paid on the cross was in exchange for the freedom He gave us to live within His established boundaries.  So like like a farmer puts up fencing to protect, provide for, and give life to his animals, Christ exchanged His life to do the same for us.  

We have freedom in Christ ladies!  
  • That means we can:
  • let go of our needs
  • stop striving to be something we’re not
  • be messy
  • not know all the answers
  • not be everything to everyone
  • say “No thank you” when asked to do something outside of our skill set
  • decide what direction to take in our jobs, family, and hobbies.
  • speak our concern with respect to authority
  • show uniqueness in style and dress
  • break the mold of a traditional “pastor’s wife”

To sum up, Freedom in Christ gives room to be YOU!  His freedom protects, provides for, and gives life to you and me!  What does that mean for you?  


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