When I think of my friends that I “do life” with, I have two that come to mind immediately.  The interesting thing about these friends is that one of them is very similar to me and the other is very different.  One of my greatest praises is that even though one of my friends and I serve in many of the same positions at church (like EXACT same), I feel no competition with her.  We encourage and build one another up and because of that, we are able to serve more effectively.

Three days ago, my husband and I got back from a trip to Haiti with 16 other people from our church.  We had the best time serving and working with each other and alongside the Haitian people.

In addition to getting to serve with my husband, I also got to serve with one of my very best friends.  At the end of the week, our group did that activity where you write your name at the top of a piece of paper and then everyone goes around and writes encouraging things on your paper.  When I got to my friend’s paper, I wrote that she is one of my favorite people to serve with because our gifts are so different.  While I worked with kids most of the week, she chose to do construction projects instead because that’s where her gifts lie.  While I prefer to focus more on relational and administrative tasks, she likes to see a project from beginning to end.  Regardless of what we were actually doing, we both just jumped into what we knew we were good at and there was no judgment or fear that we weren’t being effective or that one of our jobs was more important than the other.

What a great example of the body of Christ supporting one another.  I’ve found that my greatest friendships have come through the common bond of service.  Whether we are working side by side on the same task or working on separate projects, knowing that we’re working toward the same end goal creates a bond that is hard to break.

When things in my life get tough, these are the women I go to.  They are the women who I meet for coffee just to chat, go shopping with and go on weekend retreats with.  They are the women who I have called crying when I feel like a bad mom, shared intimate details of my life and laughed harder than I have with anyone else.  In my group of friends, they are my inner circle and I’m so thankful for them.  God never intended for us to do this life alone.  When I see the friendships that I have, I know without a doubt, they were intentionally put there by the Lord.


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