Get Out of Your Head Jennie Allen Breathe Ministry

Get Out of Your Head by Jennie Allen

“We are in charge of our thoughts. They are not in charge of us.” Jennie Allen

Book: Get Out of Your Head

Author: Jennie Allen

Summary: This book talks about the thoughts in our life that take us capture and send us down a rabbit hole of toxic thoughts and behaviors. Jennie first explains how thoughts can take us capture and lead us down a different path that can continue to cycle year after year. These thoughts can damage not only our life but the lives around us. Therefore, these thoughts usually are half truths, full lies, or twisted truths that do not help us make good decisions or to grow in our faith.

Jennie helps us identify 7 different toxic thoughts that we have in our lives. She shows us through scripture how to take those lies and trade them in for truth. Then we can substitute that truth in our life so we can make better decisions and grow in our faith. The awesome thing about this is that We Can Choose! We can choose the Truth.

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