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Since October is a month where we are talking about marriage, I thought it would be fun to share some gift ideas for your husband! Did you know that we are praising God when we take care of, and dare I say, spoil our husbands? It’s because we are honoring them when we take care of them and it is just a great way to show them how much we love them!

My husband’s birthday is the 16th, and I have been planning gift ideas for weeks! Now, I am not sure if your husband would like a monthly subscription of a box of sweets from other countries (Universal Yums, if they would be!), but I do have some gifts put together that any and all husbands would love!
This is also a cost friendly list! These can be used as gifts for any event, really. Or just because! It is always fun to love on your husband, isn’t it?

1) A collection of cards
Now this one has been fun because I have done 3 different cards and am giving them to him throughout the week. One of them is sweet and sappy, but totally true. One of them is totally goofy and weird, but he will love the humor of it (there is a rainbow unicorn cat on it, if you were curious!)! And the last one is a handmade card I did, using my calligraphy pens and sharpies. I fell in love with a card on etsy that was $4 and knew I could make it at home. Its super nerdy, and very specific. Etsy is a great place for gifts (or gift ideas if you’re crafty!!)

2) “Sweet” things I love about you
I found this idea on Pinterest (might be an addiction, seriously), and I just couldn’t wait to do it. I took a standard mason jar and filled it with Reese’s mini cups. They’re my husband’s favorite. But what makes it special is I purchased those little dot stickers you use at yard sales for prices, the bright colored ones? On those I wrote things I love about him, and stuck those stickers to the bottoms of the Reese’s cups! My husband’s love language is words of affirmation, so this gift will be a winner for sure! So he can have a reminder of what I love while he has a small treat at work!
3) Amazon wrapping services
This is the least cost efficient, depending on what you purchase. But amazon offers a really cool gift wrapping service. I found a book that my husband had put on a wish list on his amazon account, and purchased it through my own amazon account so he wouldn’t get an email on his own account alerting him to my purchase! I had amazon gift wrap it, and sent it to him at the office. So he had a surprise before his birthday, but it was still special and thoughtful. He was so excited!
Well I hope this list helps you with some simple but really fun gift ideas! I know sometimes life gets busy and we don’t always love our husbands the way we wish we could, so maybe this list will help you find a small way to remind him you love him!! Have a blessed day, ya’ll!

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