seeing fruit

The Gift of Seeing Fruit

Galatians 6:9 “And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.”

One of my favorite things about being in ministry is that God sometimes allows us little glimpses into the fruit He has harvested from our meager efforts to share Him with others. My husband and I are both teachers. I teach Elementary at a Christian international school, and he teaches primarily Old Testament courses at a Bible seminary. We both love to teach and count it a blessing to do so. But since we are not in directly evangelistic ministries, we often don’t see the fruit of our labors in the way others do. It can make us wonder if we are having any impact.

And then there are those “God gift” moments. When a former elementary student friends you on Facebook and thanks you for investing in her life. Or when a former seminary student invites your husband to visit his ministry and he is blessed to see him clearly sharing the Word of God. Or maybe it’s a young mom who thanks you for being a role model to her in raising her children. A national pastor who shares with your husband how blessed he is to have a friend in ministry. While those moments may not be frequent, they are like a balm to my soul. It reminds me that the time spent in planting, or watering, is not in vain.

Another way God blesses us is allowing us to have a front row seat as He transforms lives. We are part of a wonderful national church, with godly leadership and teachers. My husband and I are both involved in teaching ministries there as well, and what a privilege it is to see people come to faith in Christ and grow in His Word. To watch firsthand how God molds them into new creations is such a tremendous blessing!

I am thankful for these blessings, reminding me that God is at work – many times in spite of me. When the demands of ministry seem overwhelming, I am reminded to press on and be thankful for this amazing life He has called me to.



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