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God is Bigger Than Everything!

Blessing is defined in Webster’s dictionary as “a thing conducive to happiness or welfare.”  I want to add to that.  Blessing is a God-thing that BRINGS happy reminders of God’s care for your welfare.  God is bigger than everything! I had just about the biggest blessing anyone can have and it happened in the middle of the pandemic in April.  

Santiago, Chile

I am a teacher at Santiago Christian Academy in Santiago Chile. We, just like many schools at the time, were complete online.  I was teaching fourth grade and I knew that the Bible lesson coming up was going to include a time of reflection for my students about whether or not they were born again.  We had been studying Christ’s conversation with Nicodemus.  I knew this was going to be complicated because my teaching consisted of making essential videos that the students were then required to watch.  So I had doubts about whether or not they had been watching any of the lesson videos and so I did a lot of praying about a week before making the video that God would use the video to bring at least one of my students to Himself. 

I had doubts.  

Think about it.  How many of us have led ANYONE to the Lord by making a video rather than face to face evangelism?  Well, I said the things that I felt the Holy Spirit leading me to say and then told them that if they wanted to be born again and be with God in heaven someday to pray the prayer after me, making sure to tell them that the words alone weren’t magic; that they had to make them their own.  The next morning I prayed before sending out the link.  Two hours later I got a very excited text from one of my students telling me…”Miss Clouser, I received Christ as my Lord and Saver.” WHAT A BLESSING!!!”  I love the way she told me …my Lord and SAVER.  He is our Saver isn’t He?  I still have such joy when I think about this. 

Ladies, God is bigger than EVERYTHING and NOTHING can hold Him back from saving souls.  That’s my blessing and I am looking forward to many more in the future.  


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