Going Through the Storm

Going through Storm

During a difficult season of ministry, I struggled with feeling abandoned by God. I wrestled with feelings of failure, doubt, and frustration. While serving the Lord full time with my husband, I fell short of the comfort I should have had during this difficult time. I was then reminded of the story in Mark 4 about Jesus and His disciples crossing the Sea of Galilee. We are told that Jesus and His disciples set out, a storm developed and Jesus was roused from sleep because the disciples were afraid. There are several things I observe from this passage:

• Jesus was the one who initiated the trip across the sea; He also knew that a storm would come – Jesus is the one who initiated my journey as well, He knew storms would come, but that doesn’t mean I’m not in the right place.

• Jesus was with them in the midst of the storm – so calm that He was sleeping. He didn’t send them in the storm alone, He was with them – I know that Jesus is with me too, in the midst of each storm, I just need to call on Him.

• The disciples were surprised and frightened by the storm, even though some of them were experienced fishermen – I don’t know why it should surprise me that flawed, sinful people experience controversy and tension. It is a result of our fallen state that we must learn to deal with in a Christ-like manner.

• Jesus took command over the storm – of course He did! When the disciples called out to Him, He answered. I need to be able to display complete surrender to Christ so that I can turn my difficulties over to Him as they come along.

What storms are you facing in ministry? Struggling finances, difficult people, opposition from outside . . . Jesus led you into ministry with your husband, He is with you in the storm, and He will calm the waves of the storm. Take heart and know that there is a purpose in all things, and sometimes the storms are the best way to teach and strengthen us.


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