He calls. He is faithful. He will do it.

My family and I just moved back to the US this summer after spending 8 years in Morocco!  We loved our life there, but it was not always easy.

Our first year there was very challenging for me. Culture  Islam Women Ministry I knew we were supposed to be in Morocco, but the struggle became so heavy.  I came to a point with the Lord where I said, “God if I am going to be able to stay here, to make it, I need you to give me something.”  So, he lead me to Jeremiah 29 and said this beautiful promise to me: 

“You are exiled.”

Exile. Not a promise many of us want to hear. So, I looked up what the word exile means: to be in a place that is not your home.  We see in Jeremiah 29: I the Lord have carried you into a place that is not your home. It goes on to say: Build Houses, Plant Gardens, Have Children, Pray for the city you are in.  He gave me commands of how to live in this place that was not my home. The section finishes with another promise: When your time is completed, I the Lord will bring you back to this place from which I called you into exile. I was to dig roots down deep and one day, He would bring us back.

1 Thessalonians 5:24 says, “He who calls you is faithful, and he will do it.”

He calls.  He is faithful.  He will do it.

God calls you. The Original Greek says the word for calls can mean:  Invites, Calls Out Loud, Calls you by name.

This is a Promise: He calls out loud to you by name.

In I Samuel 3:  Samuel hears a voice calling His name.  But he does not recognize it. He goes to Eli.  Eli tells him to listen because it may be God calling him.  The 3rd time God says “Samuel” Samuel finally acknowledges the voice of God calling!  And only then is Samuel able to receive his calling.

Let me ask you this: If God calls you by name out loud, do you recognize His voice?

God is speaking to you in times of transition, He wants to be with you in the change, to walk alongside you, to talk to you about the hard and the easy, and give you what you need to get you through.  Do you recognize the voice of God in your life?

Our God is unique among every religion because throughout history He speaks to His people, and whatever promise He gives, He is faithful to accomplish it.  When we look at the Old Testament, it is easy to see his faithfulness. He gave over 300 prophecies (promises) of a Savior to come, and Jesus Christ fulfilled every single one!  We have a highly relational God, who is speaking, and does not intend for you to be alone or lost in transition, but to be gently yet confidently guided through it.

~ Chrissy

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