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He Created Us with a Need for Relationships

God did not create us to “go at it alone”.  He created us with a need for relationships.

The above is a screenshot from a recent message sent to a group of friends who have literally held me up on many occasions.  As I reflect on this month’s theme of friendships, I cannot help but think of these 3 ladies.

The truth is, the four of us spent little time together.  Our “physical” friendship began at a small missionary kid school in Santiago, Chile.  My first friend arrived in 6th grade then my second friend arrived in 7th grade. My third friend joined us in 8th but by the middle of 11th grade, I was the only one remaining. Somehow over those formative years, a bond was formed that would later gain so much more meaning.

As life went on and change happened, the four of us communicated off and on through letters and an occasional visit.  We attended different colleges, we married and went into different professions.  

Then came Facebook.  

As we became “virtually reacquainted”, an amazing thing happened.  We began to share our hearts with one another. God had been good in giving us each amazing husbands who love Him, and we all share a passion for ministry.  We began holding reunions every time I was in the States on furlough, and what sweet times those are! Childhood memories combined with current life, all wrapped up in seeing the goodness of God together.  

Ministry can be lonely.  

It can be hard to really share what is on our hearts. But the gift of friends who “get it”, who don’t judge, who will ALWAYS point you to the Father – that is priceless.  God did not create us to “go at it alone”. He created us with a need for relationships. I am so thankful for the friends He has given me along the way who encourage me, build me up, and point me to Him.

“Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.”   I Thessalonians 5:11

~ Jennifer

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  1. Such truth. Ministry can be lonely, and life is hard. It is vital to have a safe place that the kindness of God and the love of trusted friends can be shared to lead us to repentance, obedience, and encouragement! Thank you for being exactly that!

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