“He Meets Us Where We Are”

He met me where I was
This has been a roller coaster year.

It started with hosting a gazillion people. We serve in Kenya, and had a bunch of volunteers last summer. That was a high- lots of work, baking, logisticalling, and other stuff. It was a season of good, amazing, bad, and even downright ugly sometimes. But mostly good.
After they left, I started sinking.

I blamed the hormones. Why God? Why hormones? I got so low that I didn’t want to bake. (That might have been a good thing.) I didn’t want to teach my kids school, so we did a lot of swimming and park-playing that I called #lifeschool. But while I could joke and be lighthearted on social media, there were days I couldn’t smile.
And if you know me, humor, laughter and smiling are what I’m made of and it wasn’t me.

It wasn’t me.

My mom said I was tired. I was sure I was depressed. Maybe both. We had said goodbye to 6 other missionary families this term alone. My husband noted, ever so sweetly, that I had smiles and energy when friends came over, and nothing left for our own family. That’s not OK.

I have an amazing friend, who shall remain nameless because I don’t want to share her. In the midst of my …stuff…. whatever it was here on my island, she was going through her own hard stuff on her own island. (We really both live on islands. Sounds so exotic but it’s mostly not.) But she selflessly encouraged me, time and time again. And one day, she specifically said she would pray for me. From that day forward, I never sunk that low again.

God in His graciousness knew what I needed. And He knew what she needed. And He carved out a season, for the both of us, to live closer together and be a daily encouragement to each other.

He knew.

I wasn’t seeking Him with my whole heart when I was down, even though that’s what I needed. I couldn’t do it. So he sent me a friend, a tangible reminder of His love in the form of a person, and long talks, and many cups of coffee, and Bible studies, and all the best things that a good friend can be. And He met me where I was, and lifted me out of the pit that I probably dug for myself.

Just like He sent ravens to minister to Elijah, God meets us where we are. Seasons of ministry highs are often followed by personal lows, and that fact doesn’t escape God. Even when I’m weak and fail to lean into Him, He lovingly and mercifully leans into me and reminds me that He will not forsake me, not ever.

How has God met you where you are recently?


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