How will I be remembered?

How will I be remembered 5.13.15

It’s a rather selfish thought that pops into my mind occasionally, but really, how will I be remembered?

There was one point in our ministry that we had at least one death a month – more than a dozen in a year’s time. It was emotionally draining. Our little congregation was saddened each time we gathered to say good-bye to one of our dear friends. It was interesting to me though, how each service was different. By attempting to reflect the personality and character of each congregant, my husband made each service unique and special. It was good to remember each one in their own distinctive way.

I think about some of the renowned people in Scripture and cringe. Rahab was a woman with a shady past, but showed faith when she hid spies. Even though she was forgiven and became a witness for the True God, listed in Hebrews ‘Hall of Faith’, she is always referred to as “Rahab the harlot”. Thomas faithfully walked with Christ for three years, sacrificially following the Savior as part of His inner circle. But when his faith was tested, he demanded proof. He is forever known as “Doubting Thomas”.

I wonder what the memories of my life will be based on . . . the things I have done, the way I loved, or witnessed. Or maybe I will be remembered because I was rigid and uncaring, focused on my own career, not willing to reach out to others.

In a recent conversation about Easter, I was talking with someone about how the ladies came to the tomb early that Sunday morning. We were discussing how the women showed their love for Christ by caring for His body. I can’t care for His body as they did, but I can show my love by caring for the body of Christ, the church. As pastor’s wives, we have many opportunities to share Christ’s love with those around us.

Yep, that’s how I will strive to be remembered – that my love for Christ was so great that it leaked out in everything I did; all the time and every time.


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