I love the Four Blessings of Christmas Time Breath Ministry

I love the Four Blessings of Christmas Time

Don’t you love hearing stories of what people love so much about Christmas time. Sitting down with coffee and cookies, while hearing Christmas Stories of the past or handing down Christmas recipes to those we love. I love the four blessings of Christmas time so let me share mine with you today.

Favorite Christmas Recipe: 

This recipe is one of our favorites at Christmas because it was a dish my mother-in-law would always make.  It goes wonderfully with ham, which we often eat at Christmas, but also with turkey or prime rib.  The recipe is called Country Potatoes:


10 ¾ oz. can cream of mushroom soup

1 can of milk (soup can above)

8-oz. container of sour cream

2 c. shredded cheddar cheese

1 stick of butter, melted

1 (2-lb.) bag frozen diced potatoes (hash browns)

For topping: 2 c. crushed cornflakes and ½ stick of butter, melted


Mix all ingredients together except potatoes, until well blended.  Then, add the diced potatoes and mix well.  Place in a large baking dish, at least a 9×13.  Mix together topping ingredients and spread on top of potatoes.  Lastly, bake at 350 degrees for 30-60 minutes, until heated thoroughly.

Favorite Christmas Tradition: 

A favorite tradition in our home centers around Christmas Eve.  We usually attend a Christmas Eve candlelight service as a family, with as many extended family as possible any given year.  Then we come back to our house for snacks and hot chocolate, and each of the children receive one present to open…and they know exactly what it is!  New Christmas pajamas!  Once opened, the kids put on their new pj’s so we can take the traditional photo by the Christmas tree, then we snuggle together to read the Christmas story from Luke as a family before bedtime.  Definitely one of our most favorite traditions at Christmastime!

Favorite Christmas Activity: 

One of our favorite Christmas activities is baking Christmas cookies as a family to hand out to our neighbors and friends.  No matter where we have lived, we have carried on this tradition…it’s a great way to get to know your neighbors!

Favorite Christmas Story: 

When I was a little girl, my dad thought it would be great to recreate the Christmas story one Christmas Eve by having us sleep in a barn on the hay.  One of our church families had a barn. So after the Christmas Eve service, we bundled up in warm pajamas and took our sleeping bags to the barn.  The family had put a manger in the barn with a baby in it, and that year I had memorized the Christmas story from Luke in school, so I recited it surrounded by the smells and sights of the barn. 

As we settled down to sleep, we began to hear a noise we hadn’t counted on…sheep bells!  The owner of the barn was so excited that we were going to spend the night in her barn that she decked out all of the sheep in the barn with little bells!  Needless to say, we didn’t get too much sleep that night!  But Mary and Joseph probably didn’t either.

I love the four blessings of Christmas time that I was able to share with you. I would encourage you to share your blessings of Christmas time with your kids, family or friends this week.


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