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Identifying Biblical Toxic People

Today I’m going to highlight the 9 Toxic people the Bible warns us about found at I want you to read the article for yourself because it is FULL of  amazing Biblical information and scripture advising us how to deal with the toxic people in our  life. But to wet your palate, here is a summary of identifying biblical toxic people.

1. The gossip: 

A gossip loves nothing more than to talk about or hear about other people’s  business. This toxic quality has a draining effect on people who prefer to be genuinely nice and  empathetic. 

2. The negative one: 

They may pride themselves on just “being real”, but they have a keen  ability to put a negative slant on everything in life. If you have a friend that only has bad things  to say whenever you see them, you may want to have a heart-to-heart with them or create  some distance (for your own sake). 

3. The narcissist: 

The narcissist is absolutely amazing – and they make sure you never stop  hearing about it! Likewise, they triangulate relationships and create division wherever they go. 

4. The fibber & exaggerator: I

t is absolutely exhausting to be around someone who constantly  twists stories, exaggerates facts, and outright lies.  

5. The fake friend: 

…the person that insists on being “best friends” right away, asking personal  questions, and insisting on being a part of your life.  

6. The one who takes advantage of you: 

Although some people are completely unaware that  they seem like ‘moochers’, others see their friends as people that can do free stuff for them. 

7. The jealous one: 

Jealousy can become unbelievably toxic, destructive, and even  dangerous!  

8. The victim: 

They always seem to have a recent sob story about something that isn’t going  well in life. 

9. The arrogant one: 

They are more spiritual than you, they know what is best for your life, and  they know better than all other spiritual authority. 

This summary of identifying biblical toxic people probably reminds us of a few people in our life and in our ministry.  Which one do you find yourself struggling with?  


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