In Times of Transition

transitions 2.24

Transition. It’s a word which according to one definition means “the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.” While I always imagined transitions as brief stages linking one chapter of life to the next, I have found the reality to be otherwise. The past seven years of ministry in our city have been challenging, beautiful, difficult and fun. Looking back, they have also felt like an unending transition comprised of many individual transitions, one right after another.

Within our church planting ministry, the leadership team has constantly revolved. Co-workers have come, and co-workers have gone. My husband at times has functioned as co-pastor, lead pastor, and back to co-pastor again. Now finally the baton has been passed to a permanent national pastor and for this we rejoice! Yet the tug of transition begins once again.

Part of the pressure is from the unknown. What comes next? There are multiple ministry opportunities on the table. How do we best invest our time and talents? How do we manage expectations from supporters and churches back home? What changes do we need to make in our family life and schedule? Can we divide ourselves between more than one project and still be successful?

Into this time of transition and uncertainty, God’s Word speaks to my troubled heart.  One morning while reading in Isaiah, a verse washed over me like a gentle wave. “O Lord, you will ordain peace for us, for you have indeed done for us all our works.” (Isaiah 27:12, ESV) How I need that peace! I worry about what I am supposed to do, only to be reminded that it is God Who will do it. My responsibility is to stay close to Him and obey; His job it to complete the task at hand.

Transitions may occur and changes will come, but God remains the same “yesterday, today and forever.” Though the future looks uncertain, one day we will look back and say with the prophet Isaiah that our Heavenly Father indeed has “done for us all our works.” Praise His name!



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