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Invest in your Ministry Volunteers

I am so excited for April – aren’t you? Flowers are blooming around our house. The weather reached into the high 60’s! And the tell-tale sign spring is here — my son had to mow the front yard! This month we are going to focus on ways to invest in our ministry workers. We all know that ministry happens people to people, not through systems or programs. It’s so important to recognize the servants that are doing the labor. As a ministry leader, the most important thing you can do is get to know your volunteers. These are people that are serving the Lord in big and small capacities. But we all know that if they didn’t serve, the ministry we are leading probably wouldn’t be a blessing to others. Here are a few ways to really get to invest in your ministry volunteers: 

1. Spend time listening. 

Listen to what they talk about outside ministry conversation. Take note of what they do in their free time. Who do they talk about often? Also do they have other responsibilities outside the ministry? What about their children/ spouse…do they express concerns, are they excited about an accomplishment? Therefore, it is vital you take note of what’s happening in your volunteer’s lives. 

2. Find out important dates. 

Being able to say “Hey, Happy Birthday!” on the right date speaks volumes. How many years have they been married? Have you sent a card? What sports are their kids in? Maybe showing up at one of their children’s concerts would send the message that making their world, your world, is the best way to invest in your volunteers. 

3. Make it a priority to learn their love language early on. 

Everyone receives appreciation, recognition, respect, and approval differently. It will be vital for you to find out how each of your workers receives that best. Ask a spouse or coworker what makes the person smile. Shoot – ask them! Most people know what things make them feel most valued. It doesn’t take much to get to know your volunteers. 

In conclusion, a few questions, a lot of listening, and studying your volunteers will give you the perfect recipe for how to best invest in them. Have other ideas? Share them below! I’d love to know what you do to get to know your ministry workers better. I’m really excited for the week ahead! So join me next Monday as I share other ways to invest in your ministry volunteers! 

~ Dayna

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