It’s all about the perks, baby!

I’m going to be honest with you and say some things about life in ministry that are more of a “fleshly” perspective rather then spiritual.

I’m not proud of them, but they have been real thoughts along the way.

Here it goes…

I hate that I’m not appreciated as much as my husband is.

I feel frustrated because there is always too much “ministry” to do and not enough time to do it in.

It’s a good thing we didn’t go into it for the money. (ouch, just typing it feels sinful)

I hate that I never get to skip a day.  I always have to be here, even when I don’t want to be.

Why does someone else’s family get more time with my husband then we do?

I get it, ministry life is not for everyone.  It takes a constant effort to work on our marriages, our children, our own finances, our own walk so that we can lead other in these areas well.  Over time, it becomes easy to navigate these issues but sometimes little seeds of resentment or discontent settle in.

I want to focus today on the things about ministry that are GREAT!!  There are things that make life in ministry worth it, and pointing them out and thinking about them is healthy!  As with anything, there are pros and cons, but today, we’re focusing on the pros.

Life in full time ministry has some great benefits.  I’ve found some to be true in our life, and I’m sure you will start to think of some in yours.  See if any of these things ring true for you and consider adding to the list with your thoughts.

Life in full time ministry has given me a husband that is submerged in God’s Word!

My children get to experience different people, situations, and can grow from seeing what other’s are going through.

Ministry keeps my heart sensitive and compassionate to others.

I have a front row seat to some of the best sermons and Biblical teachings!

I get to enjoy the perks of VIP seating at weddings, concerts, and other special events.

We have a team of people whose whole job it is to care for our family.

Our family has a flexible schedule to be spontaneous with fun activities.

We get a discount on Christian education.

We never have to bake Christmas goodies because we get a ton as gifts!

It is so humbling and yet a HUGE blessing to be a part of someone’s spiritual growth!

When afraid to be baptized, our kids get a dry run as Dad let’s them swim in the baptismal the day before.

I get close friendships from the very start because people want to know me!

My hope is that you can add to this list!  Jot down below some of the pros to being in your ministry!


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