It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Dec 1

My brother and I were always excited when it came time to pull out the Christmas decorations.  It was a family event, usually the day after Thanksgiving, when we would listen to Bing Crosby sing White Christmas as we pulled Thanksgiving decorations off the walls. As kids we loved opening and pulling out favorite snowman pillows, stockings with our names on them, and candles for all the windows.  Our Dickens Village was complete with cottages, horse drawn sleighs, mini light posts, and children sled riding.  It really was a winter wonderland that we could peer into with our little eyes and big imaginations!

So here’s a little about my family….my mom is tremendously talented when it comes to decorating with a theme.  She seriously could have set the stage for Women of Faith or any Broadway play!  She has decorated for many church events and just has the ability to think big!! My brother and I were just eager kids, pulling things out of boxes left and right, and probably not much help when it came to actually decorating.  And my Dad, well, he was the brawn behind my mom’s brain.  He had the lucky task of being the man power behind the harder tasks like putting up the tree.    Our tree was by far the biggest decoration in our home and therefore became the biggest job!

At this point, let me just say it was never the tree that was the problem.    Not the tree, not the ornaments, not even the silver tinsel that hung over each branch….no, the problem was always with the lights.   You see, the balled up, knotted, half blinking, one-out-they-all-go-out lights didn’t bring our family much joy. No, these lights were the “black sheep” decorations…the ones you knew just weren’t going to cooperate.  It usually took at least an hour to work through the mess.  My dad tried, my mom encouraged, and we kids just kept asking “are you done yet?”

Of course, eventually the lights did make it up on our tree and we always thought the tree looked better then the year before!  Good job Dad!

As an adult though, it reminds me of all that goes into keeping Christmas focused on the Light….the star lit night when Jesus was born, the way He became the light of the world, the hope and light He gives to all that call Him Father.

It’s always been about the lights.

Just like my mom had a beautiful vision of what Christmas would look like in our home, our heavenly Father had a beautiful vision of what Christmas would look like on earth.  And just like my Dad’s patience and perseverance was necessary to get those lights up on the tree, Jesus was patient and perseverant as he was the Light up on a tree.  And just like my brother and I were amazed at the brightness and fullness of those spactular lights….yeah, we too will stand amazed at the brightness and fullness of His spectacular light!  May we look upon the Light with childlike wonder this Christmas!

Never before did putting up Christmas lights mean so much.  May it be a reminder of why Christmas is so special!

Remember, it’s always been about the Light!




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