“It’s just a regular cracker!” 

regular cracker

One of my favorite things about God is how He makes Himself so relatable to us.  When we think of God, we often think of him as gracious, merciful, all powerful, all the “omni”s, etc.  All of those things are true but if we stop there, we may end up with a god who we very much respect but one who we have a hard time loving because we can’t relate to him.  He seems so much higher than us.  Don’t get me wrong, God IS so much higher than us but scripture tell us over and over again that Jesus relates to us, He understands us.  Jesus used everyday objects all the time to make a point to us in ways we can understand.

When we take communion, Jakob (4) is usually a little bit sad because we don’t let him participate quite yet.  One of these past times, Kaleb (7) noticed that he was sad and tried to break his cracker and give half to Jakob.  When I told him no, Jakey said “But it’s just a regular cracker!”  He also asked about the cup: “Is that special grape juice?  I’ve had grape juice before!”  I thought that was such a beautiful reminder of how Jesus uses ordinary objects to teach us extraordinary things.  Yes, the cracker itself is very ordinary but I will never be able to look at a piece of matzo and think of it only as a “regular cracker”.  The symbolism is so embedded in my head that I can’t separate matzo from the body of Jesus.  Jesus was a great teacher!  From a mustard seed to a lost coin, Jesus understood that in order for people to really get the message, he had to say it in a way they would understand.

I find that it’s so easy to kind of forget the meaning behind some of the things that we do.  I grew up taking communion every month and if I’m not careful, it can become just another ritual, “just a regular cracker”, instead of something that requires me to stop and focus on the Savior.


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