It’s time to let loose!

Let Loose

The Shephards:

I wouldn’t say they had busy schedules.  It’s not like they had appointment after appointment to be at.  They never really had a lot on their plate and just by looking at it, they kind of looked uninterested in the sheep.  Seems like they did a lot of standing around, pacing, walking, waiting. Day after day.  The only change they ever saw in their routine was when they had to go off and get the one that ran away….the life of a shepherd really seems uneventful.

Not like you and me today.   We are always scheduled.

Then it happened.

An angel gave them some earth-changing news.  It was news for the WHOLE world.  A birth announcement: “Look for a baby, in a blanket, in a manger.”  Then, in their normally quiet night, they got front row seats to a supernatural concert!  When the concert was over, they started talking…excitedly, over each other, with plans of their next move.

Get this…they ran!  They ran to ANYONE and EVERYONE to tell them about this.  I love how The Message says “The sheepherders returned and let loose, glorifying and praising God…It turned out exactly the way they’d been told!” Luke 2:19-20.

They “let loose”, glorifying and praising God.  This must have been the excitement they were always hoping for.  What a life changing message for those shepherds, one that caused them to explode with passion and exuberance to anyone they came in contact with.

Hmm, when was the last time I “let loose” about God’s message?  I wonder if my delivery is as enthusiastic and contagious as theirs was.  Probably not…I’m probably running around too much.  There’s’ very little quiet, mundane, boring, unscheduled time in my life.  Maybe that was the key to their drastic response.  If they weren’t use to the quiet of the country, the calmness of caring for sheep, the message the angel delivered wouldn’t have been so transforming.

Maybe white space on my calendar and white noise in the background of my activities would be helpful for me.   Maybe I need to allow some quiet in my life so that I can hear His messages better.

How do you build white space in your life?  What helps you to remove the “noise” of a busy life?


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