Keeping the Spirit of Christmas All Year Long.

Nativity - Pricilla

I love to decorate the house for Christmas and have made it my habit to have the whole house decorated by December 1st each year. I love pulling out all the Rubbermaid tubs filled with beautiful items that we’ve collected over the years. I decorate the entire downstairs, bathroom and kitchen included. My favorite kind of decorations is nativities. I have over 25 at present and they range from the simplest made from wooden spoons to the most intricate rotating music box. I decided several years ago that I would choose one special nativity to leave out on display when I packed up all the others. It would serve as a reminder to all that came to the house that the nativity scene is the foundation of our faith.

I have thought about that a lot this year. The nativity scene may be the foundation of our faith, but it is not the end of the story. It is key that God came as a baby, yes, but that is not where the story ends. The vital thing we must remember is that He grew, became a Man and then sacrificed for us on the cross. The crib must be coupled with the cross.

As I start another year afresh, I will often glance at the beautiful nativity displayed in my living room, but I will make the conscious effort to remember that it is just the first part of the story. I pray that I will focus on John 3:16 as the verse that contains the greatest message: That God gave (the greatest act) His only Son (the greatest sacrifice) so that whoever believes (the greatest opportunity) might have eternal life (the greatest possession).*

May I challenge you as well: let the splendor and wonder of Christmas lead you directly to the cross. How will that change the way you live in 2015 . . . all because of the Baby in the manger.

*Message from James MacDonald on John 3:16


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