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Lavish the Benefits of Grace on Me

Last week we tried to wrap our minds around knowing and understanding God’s grace and what it actually looks like in our lives. But now I want to experience God’s overwhelming desire to lavish the benefits of grace on me. Don’t you want to be lavished on? I find my mind wanting to make an equation out of it: I sin + I seek forgiveness = I receive lavish grace. I do something, and then God does something. It seems like they would be connected…I do a part, He does His.

That couldn’t be farther from the truth. 

God does it all, I contribute nothing. That is the sobering truth. God’s grace is completely independent from what we do. That’s the part that we sometimes get stuck on. It just doesn’t seem to fit the roles of a relationship…we do nothing; the other person does it all. That’s uncomfortable to accept, doesn’t make sense, and goes against our understanding of a “healthy relationship”. We’re taught that in order to be a good friend, we listen, help, contribute, give of ourselves, and walk alongside.  In contrast, while my relationship with God does grow with those things in place, it is not contingent on those things. Thinking this way shows us that then the relationship would be based on us.

Grace makes our relationship dependent on Him.

So we wrestle with this idea of a relationship that is amazing, even when we are less than deserving.

Here are a few responses that will help us accept this truth and allow us to experience it for ourselves:

  1. With grateful heart, agree that you are less than deserving.
  2. Fight the desire to want to fully understand.
  3. Realizing God’s Grace, extended through Christ is really a heavenly concept. We don’t have the ability to really know Grace to the fullest.
  4. Wrestle and talk with a friend about the concept of Grace
  5. Enjoy some future reading about Grace with “The Cure: What if God isn’t who you think He is and neither are you?” by John Lynch/Bruce McNicol/Bill Thrall

Once I experience God’s overwhelming desire to lavish the benefits of grace on me, wrestle with its nature, and see our desperate need for Christ’s love, we become filled to the brim with awe and gratitude. Then, we are able to overflow in grace towards others. It’s contagious nature will spill out to those you engage with.


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