Lessons from the Ant – Part 2


Last month, we learned two important lessons from the ant…a little creature, but a big teacher! As summer wanes in the northern hemisphere, we might see a lot of these little insects crawling around, busily preparing for the winter months that are sure to come. In Proverbs, God tells the sluggard to learn from the ant. Here is the second set of lessons we can learn from these amazing creatures:

3. Initiative

As we have seen in Proverbs 6:7, the ants do not have rulers over them telling them what to do or how to do it or when to do it. They prepare and gather on their own. They are actively seeking for the food. They leave their colonies, their “comfort zones”, to go out and seek food for the greater good.

How about you? Are you always in your comfort zone, too lazy or too scared to venture out? Proverbs 22:13 tells us more about a sluggard. “The sluggard says, ‘There is a lion outside!’ or, ‘I will be murdered in the streets!'” Sluggards make excuses for going out and taking initiative. Sometimes we are our own worst enemies in this area. We need to take a lesson from the ants. There are dangers lurking for them outside their nests, but they still go out looking for food. As Christians, we always have God with us. He will never leave us or forsake us as it says in Hebrews. Don’t be afraid! Take initiative!

4. Teamwork

In my research on ants, I found out that there are five types of ants:

Queen – lives 1-30 years; founder of a colony; lays millions of eggs

Worker – lives few months-5 years; “minor worker”; most common; does most of the work both in and out of nest

Soldier – lives few months-5 years; “major worker”; protects the colony using large mandibles to cut through things in their way or to cut up for food

Princess – unfertilized virgin queen; after mating, clips own wings for food and begins a new colony as a queen

Drone – only male ant; job is to mate with the princess on their “nuptial flight”, then die

An ant colony is basically a caste system. You are born into your level and you never leave it. You perform your given task for the good of the colony. An individual ant on its own would not long survive on this earth. They are not very strong. They are tiny. An individual ant can be squashed by almost anything. Yet we call ants “pests” or “problems”. Why? Because they work as a team. We can handle one in our home but when they are working together to march their little legs all over the place, they become a big problem.

Each ant that I mentioned has a specific job. If one ant decided not to carry out its job, it would affect the whole colony after awhile. Each ant knows its role and does it. They work together for the common good and for their survival.

As Christians, we have a common goal of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have each been given a special gift by the Holy Spirit which is our role to fulfill in spreading the Gospel. We need to work together as a team with the Body of Christ to get the job done. We can’t be lazy about it. Christ’s return is imminent. We need to be working until He comes!

Next month we’ll learn the final two lessons from the ant. May God encourage you through His Word!



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