Lessons Learned From My 1 Year Old

Learning to Listen 4.29.15

January 31, 2014, my life changed forever. Besides my wedding day, this particular Friday was actually the greatest day of my life. On this day, my husband and I welcomed our perfect 8 pound 1 ounce baby boy into the world. Life has never been the same.

At first, Kayden did not do a whole lot. He just gazed into our eyes trying to get acclimated to life outside the womb. As time went on, he began to sleep less and even seemed to begin to bond and connect with us as his parents.

Around 11 months old, life with a baby got quite interesting. It was during this month that Kayden started crawling. He was a bit of a “late-bloomer” in this area, but it didn’t seem to bother him…or us.

This past January, we celebrated Kayden’s first birthday. Using the words of my husband, we went “all out…and some” for his birthday party. After all, Kayden had survived OUR first year as parents. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate that?!?! Haha!!

Kayden is currently fourteen months old. He is an active, constantly on-the-go, curious little boy. As he continues to grow, I cherish each day with him, but I wish time would just slow down.

Sometime around twelve months, Kayden started pulling up on things. Our home is set up in a way that we can close all the bedroom doors and Kayden can then have “free-reign” in the kitchen and living room areas. Within these areas, the only thing we do not allow him to play with is our entertainment center and the items in the cabinet.

I would guess Kayden went about three weeks crawling around and pulling up on things in both rooms before he noticed the entertainment center. From that day on, he constantly wanted to touch and play with the items inside the cabinet. Despite our firm “no’s,” our efforts to distract him, etc. he continued to return to the one thing in the room we told him not to bother.

Yes. I realize that my son was probably too young to understand the concept of “no,” however, he eventually started to understand that if he touched the entertainment center, it triggered a response from both of his parents. As time went on, he started to pull up on the cabinet, and immediately babble at us almost trying to bargain or negotiate a deal with us if we would just let him play there. I have to admit… It was hard to keep a straight face when he did this.

This daily episode in the life of my son got me thinking about my own life and actions. There are only a few things that God has told me are off limits because they are not in my best interest. Yet time and time again, I find myself, like my son, returning to the one thing I know I am not supposed to touch. Why is it that these things are so enticing?

I challenge you now… What is it in your life that you keep returning to when you know in your best interest, God has said, “no.” Could it be greed, anger, resentment, putting work before your family, self-hatred? Lay those things before the Lord and leave them behind once and for all. Will this be easy? Probably not, but I can promise you it will be worth the struggle in the end.

I wish I could tell you that my son no longer returns to our entertainment center. However, what I can tell you is that he is learning to recognize and listen to the voice of his parents just as we learn to listen and recognize the voice of the Lord in our own lives. If you are struggling with something, do not give up. Continue to fight because just as we do not give up on our son, how much more the Lord will not give up on you.



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