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Let Freedom Ring!

Let freedom ring!  I know this is from a patriotic American song. But I think we can shout this from the mountain tops for our freedom in Christ as well.  We are so bombarded in today’s society with the lies. We feed into those lies about what we are entitled to as “free” citizens.  

Webster’s dictionary defines freedom as the quality or state of being free such as (b) liberation from slavery or restraint or from the power of another.  

And free is defined as 4b not bound, confined or detained by force.  

Were it not for the cross, we would be bound, confined in slavery. We would be detained by the force of sin, headed for an eternity separated from God.  BUT, God has given us the FREEDOM to choose. In that choice of freedom, we are now able to roam free in the pastures of God. We are not held back by the fence of sin!  Amen!  

Freedom means everything to us as Americans doesn’t it?  It should mean just as much, or even more to us, as believers in Christ.  

I think it’s so easy to just go about our busy lives forgetting exactly what freedom is. We forget the full extent of what God has accomplished for us through His Son.  In other words, we are sinful people who have been declared “free to go” by God our judge. We should give God the glory with every aspect of our life.  He has struck his gavel and declared us not guilty through the blood of Jesus. He has done this because of His love for us.  This should make us want to glorify Him in every aspect of our ministry. This gives us peace during this time of chaos.  Let our spiritual freedom ring!


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