Let God Define You

Dealing with Expectations Let God Define you

Over the last two weeks we’ve talked about dealing with people’s expectations of us in ministry. We’ve all experienced someone’s hopefulness that we will work a certain ministry, be present at a certain event, or handle a situation a specific way. Expectations can be draining and exhausting. For this reason we are talking about ways to proactively work through them and be a blessing in the mix!

Last week we discussed outward ways to deal with people’s expectations but this week I want to look at the inner toll they can take if we’re not careful. If you’re like me, you might be a people pleaser. Or maybe you came from some tough stuff in your past that has left you looking for a definition of who you’re supposed to be. Maybe you are working through a life transition that has left you redefining who you are.

All of us feel the strain of expectations, but if we’re not careful we can rely on them to bring clarity to what we should be doing or who we should become. It’s often easier to fill the expectations of other and become validated rather than work though the task of defining those roles and being alone.

So what do we do with ourselves? How do we work through those moments of uncertainty and aloneness, wrestling to figure out what we are meant for?

It is important to realize that when we look to anyone but God to tell us who we are we are on dangerous ground! Satan wants nothing more then to whisper lies into your heart and mind. He accomplishes that easily when we fall back on what other’s think and expect of us. No wonder why He tells us to love Him with all of our heart, mind, soul, and strength! Leave no room for anyone else to define who you are!

So, let’s look at what God thinks of us:

1. We are wonderfully made and marvelous!

2. We can be transformed into His glorious image.

3. He created us to abide in Him and produce fruit.

4. You are new, the old has passed away.

5. Hope comes from Him

6. He has created good works for you to do.

7. He knows everything about you and loves it all!

8. You are worth dying for!

9. He can’t wait to spend time with you.

10. You have value and He cherishes you.

Wow, what a list…and that’s just the start. Read over the list and let it soak in. God knows what He is doing with you…and it’s His perfect plan! Maybe you are working through the nagging question, “Who am I”….let God answer it! People are fallen and letting them have any influence over the answer to that question short changes God’s ability to lavish on you with His! Don’t let people’s expectations of you define who you are, let God’s.

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