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Summertime Stress Buster Create

Are you feeling the pinch?  You know, the time of the year when you are about to lose any free time you may have, gain the energy of overexcited children just released from school, and transition to summer programming for ministry?  If you’re like me then the transition to summer can come with the thought of “How in the world am I going to juggle all this?”

In May, we’ve been talking about stress busters…ways to proactively deal with the upcoming changes in schedule, enjoying the freedom it provides while maintaining some sanity.

We’ve looked at planning a few things out before the crazy starts, remembering to play a little, and reconnecting with a good friend.  Afterall, we don’t just want this summer to be about the kids relaxing….we want you to also!

Everyone of us has something that fills us back up.  If you attended our fall conference, “A Day to Breathe” you remember taking an assessment that helps detail how God uniquely created you to be filled and renewed.  There were 8 different avenues you could fall in:

Relational – I connect best to God when I am with others.

Intellectual – I connect best to God when I learn.

Worship – I connect best to God when I worship.

Activist – I connect best to God when doing great things.

Contemplative – I connect best to God in silence.

Serving – I connect best to God while completing Kingdom tasks.

Creation – I connect best to God in nature.

When was the last time you planned to do something that fills you?  Have you taken time to go on that walk, woman cooking 2to take out your pencils and draw, or to grab your camera to capture a moment in time?  woman at deskYou are gifted and your natural bent to enjoy those activities are a GIFT from your Father.  He loves when you take time to develop it, grow it, and use it as a means to connect with Him.  
Take time this summer to create, to cook, to imagine and draw, to play your instrument, to sing real loud, to blog or journal, to encourage a friend.  Those good things are sweet and special gifts from a loving and understanding Dad.  It’s ok for you to relax and enjoy them this summer.


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