Living in Grace

Living In Grace

Over the last few weeks we’ve attempted to understand the concept of God’s grace towards us. We’ve wrestled with the idea that our relationship with God is based solely on what Jesus has done on the cross and in no way is contingent on our actions or what we bring to the relationship.

How do we go from understanding and experiencing this grace to living in it each day?

Last night my daughter came in my room and plopped down on my bed. It’s one of those moments that you instinctively put down your book and become all ears so as not to lose the moment. She shared about friends, work, and the struggle between making choices that please God and those that please her friends. Being a first born, she desperately wants to get it right and feels the pull to perform up to everyone’s expectations. The conversation came around to how God really views us and how hard it is to understand and accept what His grace offers.

We went back and forth trying to wrap our minds around the fact that God loves when we are transparent and real with Him, not just when we DO what is expected of us.

We chewed on the thought that God doesn’t actually measure our “spirituality”. He doesn’t care to hold a tape measure or ruler against all we’ve done to figure out whether to love us more or less. God doesn’t keep His distance until we’ve “cleaned” ourselves up or figured out what we “should” have or “could” have done differently.

We tend to believe that we need to do something for Him in order for Him to find value in us.

It brings us back to the question: How do we live in grace each day?

Every day, we must wake up remembering that God’s biggest joy is our humble response and loving acknowledgement of who we would be without Him. This is how we live in grace each day!

  1. Humbly ask God to remind you throughout your day of His constant love for you.
  2. Spend some down time remembering where you would be without Christ’s lavish sacrifice.
  3. Take time to journal about where you would be if you had to perform well enough in order to receive God’ affection.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself forgetting how freeing grace is meant to be…it will be easy to go back to the thoughts that you need to perform for God’s affections. Challenge yourself to read more about grace, read Scripture and let it really sink in, and let His grace be your guide to a deeper relationship with Him….that’s how He meant for it to be!


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