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Living in the In-Between

How many of you are living in the In-Between right now? It is difficult, frustrating, and scary.  Do you feel like you want to just scream at the sky? Do you feel exhausted? 

I do!!!

 I enjoyed the time those few quarantine months brought to my life to just simply slow down but life needed to go on. Well, it definitely moved on but it moved on to the In-Between.  I am living in the In-Between right now. My Brain is bombarded daily with these questions:

Will school really start? 

When will they go back to the actual building? 

When will I get to go back to my little preschool class? (I miss them so much)

Will companies shut down again? 

How do we start up our small group and invite more people?

When will we be able to bring back our children’s ministry and have a great time celebrate Jesus? 

I am such a planner that likes to have the weeks and months planned with what is going on. I also love having a house full of people and having fun in our community.  Even though we can do all of these things they are limited and feel restricted. 

Well guess what?

We don’t have to scream at the sky or bombard our brains with fear, frustration and exhaustion.  We can choose peace, encouragement and strength during this time of living in the In-Between.  Here are a few things that have helped me during the time.

  1. Have daily time with God. 
  • I know we all have heard this but when we make time to just sit at the feet of Jesus it fills us up with so much faith and joy that we are ready to face whatever our day brings us. Read His Word, talk to him and worship with music daily.
  1. Focus on today. 
  • Focus on what you have for today, Do not overly plan the next month. Be flexible and open to what each day brings.
  1. Embrace the unexpected. 
  • Embrace the things that come up that you did not plan for or the down time you sudden receive. Spend time with individuals and do those things you never had time to do. 
  1. Rejoice each day. 
  • Purposely find the good in each day and tell someone about it. Talk about it at your family dinner, on social media or to our friends. 

Jesus gives us peace, encouragement and strength during this time of living in the In-Between. That my friend gives us all an excuse to scream “Praise God!”  to the sky. 

The Lord is my strength and my shield;

    my heart trusts in him, and he helps me.

My heart leaps for joy,

    and with my song I praise him. Psalm 28:7


Check out our Admonish Mentor Program if you are looking for someone to walk this In-Between time with you. They can help you find strength, joy and peace in this crazy 2020.

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