Living in the Spirit of Freedom

Living in the Spirit of Freedom

Over the next two weeks we’re going to land in Galatians 5. Man, this passage is jam packed with practical thoughts on living in the freedom of Christ! I read over it several times, and came up with a practical list of what it would actually look like if I were living in the spirit of freedom. 

It is hard to filter everything that’s happening today through Paul’s description of living in freedom — but I’m convinced our lives will look so much more like Christ if we could! 

Paul answers the question (and I’m so glad he does) –  what my life would look like if I was actually living free. It would:

  • look servant focused.  
  • Be humble service, peaceful interactions, kind words, responsible responses. 
  • Give up my preference for the preference of others.
  • Submit to the fact that we are different and differences make us whole. 
  • Be accepting people with the same humble heart when they are right AND when they are wrong. 
Living free means lessening the value of my own opinions and valuing others opinions more than I currently do. 
Living free would be living the fruit of the Spirit and walking in love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and self control.  

Here’s the challenge: Can I filter all my Facebook comments, my Instagram posts, and my Tweets after these thoughts? What would it look like for me to navigate the racial divide we are seeing through humble service and responsible responses? What about how I communicate my opinions/thoughts about COVID-19? Are my words in conversation showing preference to others and humility in spirit? I have to admit, I’ve not done as well as I could. I think sometimes my comments have looked more like anger, frustration, and impatience towards those that may see things differently. Use this list this week to check to see if you are living in the spirit of freedom.. 

DaynaDo you find your heart leaning into the ways we can serve one another during these times? Is your mind thinking of ways to peacefully respond to other’s opinions? Maybe you’re having trouble actually putting words to how you’re feeling during this confusing time. Our mentors and I would love to serve you in this area — consider booking a free one hour life coaching session with Me, or get more info about a mentor by clicking here

We’re here to provide a safe place for you to morph into the free child of God that He wants!

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