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Making Good Choices for the Holidays

I love Thanksgiving!. My favorite part of the meal is the Turkey with the Cranberries. Good food, good family and friends and the introduction of Christmas. But it is very evident that this year will be very different. With this second wave of the uptick of Covid, people are hesitant, fearful or just feeling overwhelmed. But I know that most of us trust God and are making good choices for the holidays this year.  So here are three things to remember as we come up on Thanksgiving this year. 

Be Realistic with your Holidays

Our holidays for 2020 will look very different this year. For example some of you will not be able to have all the family over for Thanksgiving dinner. Some of you will not be able to travel to your family’s homes. Some families might choose to stay home instead of coming to the big Thanksgiving.  In general, things might just feel weird and not normal. But a good thing to start with is being realistic that Thanksgiving day might look and feel different, not bad but different.

Purposely find ways to be creative

Since now our expectations are where they should be, we can be creative with our holidays..  Take the time to think about your holiday. How can you make your smaller and social distanced holidays fun and memorable? Be creative with your time together. Act like this is your first Thanksgiving. 

Watch for and Embrace the Moments 

Thanksgiving day can be for most of us a busy and sometimes hectic day. We can sometimes get wrapped up in our business and perfection of the day. Purposely make room in your day to embrace the moments that come upon you. Look for opportunities to have moments with your kids, your spouse, your family and friends. Don’t be so focused on having your perfect Thanksgiving that you miss the moments that fill you with love, fun and memories. 

If we go into Thanksgiving being realistic about the day, having new creative ways to celebrate and embracing the moments that come throughout the day, we will have a day filled with love, fun and memories. This will help you with making good choices for the holidays. 


How is the holiday season for you? Is this  time of stress or sorrow? Are you struggling with Covid during the holiday? Do you want to find more joy in the holidays? The Mentors here are Breathe Ministry would love to walk the next 6 weeks with you to find joy in the season. Sign up today at

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