Many Friends Make a Light Heart Breathe Ministry

Many Friends make a Light Heart

One of the biggest struggles I hear women express when talking about life in ministry is feeling lonely.  Let’s be honest, having friends while being in ministry can be a real struggle. It’s hard to find someone that is trustworthy, patient, and understanding of ministry demands.  Is it really possible to have close friends while in ministry?   

The answer is YES!  

Let’s consider a few things these next few weeks…

Our Expectations play a huge role in the kind of relationship we are hoping for.  Take some time and think through what your expectations are to qualify as a good friend.  Is it someone you can vent to when ministry gets tough? How about someone to laugh with? Maybe you are looking for someone to call up spur of the moment to grab a coffee with.  

What I often see is that women are looking for one person to fill that role. Might I suggest that God might use a few women, in smaller roles, to fill that big role you are hoping for in one friend. 

Ever hear the saying, “Many hands make light work”…well in this case, “Many friends make a light heart!”


Take a 5 minute break…jot down 3-4 qualities that you need in a close friend.  Next to those qualities, pray about who comes to mind that has those qualities and write their name down.  Take a step this week to reach out to one of them to grow that part of your friendship.  

While having friends in ministry can be a real struggle, know that God can help us find those in His family that can meet our need for friendship.  Consider this week who around you may be one of them!

Do you feel this is an area that you need to work through a bit more?  Maybe you want to have a mentor that can encourage and pray with you as you work through the loneliness.  

~ Dayna

Consider our Admonish Mentor Program where our trained mentors are here for you!  We want to build into you and support you as you navigate finding God’s intended friendships.  Connect with us by emailing

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