Marriage in Ministry

Marriage in Ministry Nov 21

  1. Not praying together with my husband for my marriage, is a very VERY bad idea.
  2. I am not perfect, I don’t know all the answers, I’m not always right and that’s okay.
  3.  Sweeping things under the proverbial ‘rug’ never works, we need to work issues out in a timely manner.
  4. Losing the flame of love between my husband and I is NEVER an option, daily fan that flame sister!
  5. My husband is a man. He has sexual needs that I must be aware of his needs daily.
  6. I need to gently tell my husband when he has taken on too much & know his signs of emotional exhaustion in ministry.
  7. Arguments, disagreements, and yelling can & do  happen.
  8. Perseverant love through the storms is imperative.
  9. I am NOT my husband, I cannot make him do things that I want him to do.
  10. Sometimes I will not like my husband, he will say the wrong thing, he will not be able to read my mind, he will annoy me and say hurtful things.  I will forgive…
  11. I will more than likely be used as a sermon illustration, frequently…I’ll forgive him for that later too…
  12. My husband is not Superman, he can’t do it all, he can’t please everybody and that’s okay.
  13. I cannot expect my hubby to meet the needs that only God can fulfill in me.
  14. My marriage is not automatically safeguarded from divorce, unfaithfulness, and adultery.
  15. I need to ask the Lord to help me to love my husband as He does.
  16. I need to jealously guard my husband’s day off.
  17. I am to be my husband’s helpmate & biggest fan.
  18. Changing my husband is God’s job, not mine.


….please add your own tidbits of wisdom in the comments section below, these are things I’ve learned over my years of ministry, I still have MUCH to learn…


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  1. – Make sure your home is a safe haven.
    – Be careful not to become the go-between for a parishioner and your husband. When they need to speak to the pastor, they should speak to the pastor.

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