A short note about Mary:

Last week, my husband and I got to take his parents to see the Gaithers.  We were about 35ish years younger than the median age but it was definitely a great experience.  😉  Mark Lowry was about to sing the song that he wrote, “Mary, Did You Know?”, but before he did, he said this as part of his introduction:

If I were Mary, I think the first thing I would do after the angel appeared to me is say “Ummm, would you mind just taking a quick swing by my parents room?  Just while you’re here?  Because they’re definitely going to need an explanation on all of this’!

Makes sense, right?  But Mary didn’t do that.  She simply said “I am the Lord’s servant, let it happen as you have said”.  And then later, she writes a song of praise to God.  In Luke 1:35, the angel tells her that the “power of the Most High will overshadow” her.  I started thinking about that and how often my plans and agendas overshadow the still small voice of the Lord’s leading in my life.  I’m not sure that I would have the faith to respond as Mary did, let alone that I would have had it as a teenager.  But I want to!  There are so many things that I respect about Mary but I think that her faith and surrender is at the top of the list.

What about you?  What do your admire about Mary?  Would you have responded the same or differently than she did when the angel appeared?



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