MBA in the Church, Part III

Our final MBA in the Church Series will perhaps stretch us, as ministry leaders, the most. It is here that we venture out of the academia in order to practice and hone our leadership skills, arm-in-arm with this fierce team, to build and execute a plan.

Do the background work: Prepare
Listen to the women you serve. What goals/dreams do they have for women’s ministry? How do they want to serve? What has worked well and what hasn’t? Consult with every age group and life stage. You can arrange to meet with small groups of women or conduct a survey, but you must take the pulse of the membership.

Identify your Church mission statement, goals, and emphasis. This information will be available on the Church website or from leadership. After your initial research, request a meeting with your staff supervisor for a specified length of time and adhere to it. Compose a list of questions to gather valuable information, such as:

  • What is the budget for women’s ministry?
  • How does the staff prefer to communicate?
  • What are the expectations?
  • Define the approval process for spending, planning, and scheduling.

Formulate a design with your team: Plan

  1. Assimilate the information collected and develop an initial worksheet similar to the following:
    Mission Statement:
    Mission Scripture emphasis:
    Ministry overall goals:
    Goals for each sub team (meet individually with each team member separately and collaborate):
    Types of activities and events:
    Maintain a calendar:
    Bible study small groups available throughout the week-various times, locations
    Retreat, on/off campus
    Conference trip
    Training opportunities
  1. Meet with your team and present the above worksheet. Listen well; receive input; use their expertise. Allow your team ample time to pray over the information and set a follow up meeting.
  1. At the follow up team meeting, everyone brings their worksheet and works together to finalize the plan.
  1. The women’s leader then presents the final plan to the staff supervisor for approval before implementation.

Get to the real work: Perform
Roll out the plan and execute faithfully with integrity. Maintain team cohesion with monthly meetings and encourage your team leaders to meet and communicate with their sub teams. As with any performance, evaluate success and adjust as needed while focusing on the mission and goals.

Romans 12:11 tells us, “Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.” The ministry leader’s enthusiasm and zeal are contagious. The team often mimics our demeanor. What kind of example are we in executing the plan? Frazzled? Tired? Frustrated? Annoyed? This verse holds the key to servanthood: we must keep our spiritual fervor. Interestingly, fervor relates to our inner fire, and it is stoked when we feed our souls. Service is intricately tied to the quality and quantity of time we spend with God. And nothing is more important than that!

Take some cues from the business world, and become a leader that women want to follow. Build your leadership skills, build an effective team, and build a ministry plan that you can all execute together, for God’s glory alone.


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