MBA in the Church, Part II

We are discussing business principles beneficial to integrate into a leadership role in the church body.

Today we will consider how to build a fierce team.

Don’t try to lead by yourself; otherwise you might get lonely, isolated, exhausted, burned out, overwhelmed, or prideful. It also prevents other women from serving out of their gift. No one person can do it all well. We aren’t meant to. Paul had co-workers at his side, Moses mentored Joshua, and Jesus trained a team who dispersed the gospel to the world.

Why work through teams?

  • to educate
  • to train
  • to use our joint gifts, talents, abilities, skills, wisdom, and knowledge in service to the church
  • to collaborate
  • to spur one another on
  • to delegate tasks wisely
  • to celebrate achievement
  • to grow together spiritually
  • to pass on our ministry and legacy

Paul wrote Titus to instruct in church leadership, specifically for the role of elder or pastor; however, I find here the best formula for any church leader role, including the Women’s Ministry team. As leaders, we must live and serve in the context of Titus while encouraging our team to do the same. Raise the bar as you build a team, Titus 2:11-15 “…live self-controlled, upright, and godly lives…”

How to build a team for Women’s Ministry

  1. Pray through the entire startup phase.
  2. Stay in communication with the church staff to which you report.
  3. Identify the team positions to be filled. For example, my team comprises Bible Study, Hospitality, Correspondence, Publicity, Outreach/Evangelism, and Ministry Leader Assistant.
  4. If you know the women at your church well, match their gift set to your team positions and invite each to serve for at least one year. If you do not know the women well, rely on staff and spiritually mature women for recommendations. Then spend time with these candidates to confirm best fit.
  5. Team make-up should include every age and life stage within the church body to ensure all needs are considered and represented. We must connect women generationally (Titus 2:3-5), so make sure your team does as well.
  6. Identify one or two older, spiritually mature women who will serve in an advisory role for the team.
  7. Be prepared to answer candidate questions about expectations and voice your dreams for Women’s Ministry. People are more likely to readily follow a prepared, enthusiastic leader. You must know generally what it is you are asking them to do on the team. Once on board, each team leader can help you identify specifics for her role.

Your team represents God to the women in your church and community. This is no time to select best friends or form a social club. The enemy’s attack is relentless, so be prepared with a fierce Titus team.

Next month we will discuss how to build and execute a plan with your team.


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