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More Blessed to Give than Receive

Ministry is hard.  It is a constant of joy, heartache, victory, betrayal, blessings and disappointment.  You have most likely felt all of these words at some point. But have you felt like it is  “more blessed to give than receive”?

“in all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way, we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said ‘it is more blessed to give than receive.’” Acts 20:35

More Blessed Than Receive

Jesus said it best when he said “It is more blessed to give than receive”. I have never felt more blessed in the ministry than when I was serving others. 

Recently, my whole family participated together in handing out food boxes.  It was a moment we felt we could help those who have been most economically hurt this year.  It turned into story after story of people who were being community minded. They were blessing elderly or people who couldn’t come and pick up food themselves.  One lady came back at least 3 times. She filled her car to take to apartment buildings, one took to a battered women’s shelter.  People shared their stories on how they had lost their jobs. They had no idea where their next meal would be.  We were able to pray with each one of them. Our intent was just to love on those that God loves. But at the end of the night, we came home feeling blessed beyond measure!

I’m not saying I haven’t been totally blessed by a well-timed note of encouragement or gift card. But I am saying that I have been most blessed when their perspective was that of serving others.  It is truly “more blessed to give than receive!”

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