My American Idol

My American Idol 3.16.15

I have a little post-it note on the side of my desk that I look at every morning. It’s been there for the last week or so. It is something that the Lord recently convicted me of and so I wrote it down and read it every morning I sit at my desk to plan out my day. It’s something I put before Him, and not in a good way. It’s something I cling to, put my hope in, build my world around and in a way it has become an idol.

If you read the word alone, outside of the context of it being an idol, you would say it was a good thing. The very idea of its meaning is actually something the Bible tells us to seek after.

Peace. I crave peace and calm. I hate when there are disagreements in my relationships, especially within my family. Anxiety builds when there is a conflict between my husband and another staff member. I cringe when my daughter squares off her shoulders, tenses her expression, and challenges me about a rule I am enforcing. I want to crawl in a hole when I know someone needs to talk to me about something they are upset with me about.

Some would call it being a people pleaser, but I know differently.

Peace. I crave it in my finances. I wrestle with the weeks I don’t know how bills are going to be paid. I lie awake; battling anxiety, because I can’t understand how there’s still so much month left after the money is gone. My thoughts become preoccupied, and I can’t enjoy where I am. I crave financial peace to the point that I become anxious, frustrated, short tempered, and generally no fun to be around.

I have placed my need for peace above God’s promises. Thankfully, I have a hard copy of His word that I can turn to which reminds me of what I already know! God’s word tells me in Isaiah 26:3 that I can have perfect peace…if my mind stays on Him. My mind must stay on Him.  There are so many ways I can keep my mind on Him and here are some that I have used to remember His perfect provision for my every need.

  1. I read my post-it each morning so I remember my error of putting peace over my God.
  2. I confess my need for peace  over God’s desire to grow me and my relationships through conflict.
  3. I write down the things He has done in the past that proved His loving provision for me.
  4. I journa about Scripture that reinforces He cares for ALL my needs.
  5. I meet with friends over coffee to talk about how specifically He has met a recent need.

What idol have you put in front of God? Maybe it’s something that seems good in its truest nature, but when in the wrong priority can become your idol?


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