My Life’s Song

Life Song 5.22.15

I showed up to church at the appointed time for sound check. Mysteriously, the sound system had blown. The only sound emanating from the speakers was a crackle – tst – crunch sound. The worship was difficult that day. I found it hard to follow a leader whom I could not hear. The noise of the piano drowned out any hope I had of hearing his voice. The only hope I had of not falling completely off track, lost in a deaf abyss, was to mesmerize myself with his every move. From my position I could see only his back. But if I watched very closely, he would sometimes turn his head minutely… just enough for me to see his face. And then I could read his lips, allowing me to know where he was in the song. If I were ahead, I could slow down. If I were behind, I could speed up. Always endeavoring to match my notes perfectly with his.

God, this is how life feels right now. It seems as if the system is blown. I listen for Your voice… but honestly? I just can’t hear it. The static of this life, the only sound I hear. I strain to listen, searching desperately for the sound of Your voice. I must mesmerized myself with Your every move. You are the leader. I am the follower. It is only Your back that I see. Oh how I long to see Your face. I know that if I keep my eyes fixed on You, I will see glimpses. And that is enough. Here I will know your words, the rhythm of Your plan, and the tune of Your heart. And this? This… is my life song.


 Yet the LORD will command his lovingkindness in the daytime, and in the night his song shall be with me, and my prayer unto the God of my life.” ~Psalm 42:8


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