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None Have Gripped My Heart and Soul

As a pastor’s wife, I’ve led and been involved in many Bible study books and courses over the years. While some were deeper than others, none have gripped my heart and soul more than “Own Your Life” by Sally Clarkson. 

The title sounds like she leans toward the “prosperity gospel,” but I promise it is anything but that. 

Sally Clarkson is relatable, wise, and down to earth. But more than anything, she loves Jesus and it shines bright in everything she writes. 

“This is an essential component of a vibrant spiritual life–to decide to like who we are because God loves who we are.”

God loves us more than anyone else ever could. He knows our flaws, sins, and struggles yet STILL loves us. That blows me away every single day! 

As I read this book, I kept exclaiming, “yes” or “that’s me”! The fact that she gets what it’s like to have young children but also hasn’t forgotten the tough parts helps me want to listen and take advice from her. 

As I read about her love of tea and pretty things, I am reminded yet again that she is a kindred spirit. 

It’s so easy in motherhood to lose our joy in the midst of all the hard moments and myriad challenges. Jesus doesn’t expect us to keep smiling all the time. But it’s a good reminder that the joy of the Lord IS our strength. 

I give Sally Clarkson’s “Own Your Life” 5 stars. I appreciate how she encourages us to dig into the scriptures and apply the scriptures in our everyday lives.  None Have Gripped My Heart and Soul


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