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Old and New Friends on a New Adventure

Remember how it felt on that last day of school as you entered into summer break. Summer to a kid means playing all day. It means swimming pools, popsicles, smores and sleepovers. It means climbing trees, making forts, water parks, riding bikes and jumping on trampolines. Summer break was spending all day with old and new friends on a new adventure.  

And it was the Best!!!!

We can still have summer break adventures as adults.  I would say the summer is the best time to intentionally invest in the life of a few old and new friends in a personal way. I know that life in 2020 looks a little different but I think we still can make room for a 2020 adventure. Here are a few ways you can intentionally invest in others this summer:

Prepare yourself to be ready to invest in others.  
  • Spend time daily with God so the Holy Spirit can guide you to who he has for you to invest in this summer. 
  • Make time in your day for opportunities that present themselves. I always say plan 50% of your day as life will plan the other 50% before you get up. 
  • Be healthy both physically, mentally and spiritually so you are ready to invest
Can you text, DM, Message or even Marco Polo?
  • Texting someone is the easiest way to communicate with them. 
  • Connect with a few people weekly to see how they are doing, to send encouragement, to follow up on a conversation you had, to send funny stories or memes or to pray for them. 
Make play dates.
  • When you can start going out again, meet at a park, sit on your back porch, hang out in your driveway or go to a parking lot. You can do all these things at a social distance. 
  • Drop off small gifts at their front door or send cards in the mail. 
  • As things open up more, go out to eat, have  dinner on your back deck, have a campfire, go hiking or for a walk
Be flexible, be creative and be available.
  • Push yourself out of your comfort zone. It can be awkward and even scary to talk or do things with people you do not know. But it is well worth it.
  • Be creative in a time that needs creativity. 
  • Make time in your day so when opportunity presents itself you are ready.
  • Be intentionally until it becomes natural.

Be a kid again on that first day of summer break. Embrace new friends and adventures. Healthy intentional relationships can make for a great summer adventure that will fill your soul with joy and make great memories with old and new friends on a new adventure.

~ Colleen

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