Gory to Glory…Sharing your Story

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share your story slider textWe hope by now you have been able to see a little more clearly our focus at Breathe Ministry. We feel that by Engaging in Togetherness, Encouraging in Christ-likeness, and Equipping for Service, you will be renewed and refreshed to pursue God’s calling as a pastor’s wife with excitement. Is it easy? Absolutely not! But knowing you have a community of other women who feel the same, who are experiencing similar challenges, and who are willing to share from their hearts the very things you’re afraid to say will encourage you.

All throughout Scripture we read story after story of people’s unique situations; situations that are unheard of, hard to believe, and somewhat ridiculous for their time. Stories like Noah, a man God chose to save the human race by building a larger than life floating vessel for an upcoming flood…when it had never even rained before! Or Joseph, a favored son who had several sibling brothers that despised him for being favored, only to literally throw him away. He was eventually discovered, sold to royalty as a slave, worked his way up the corporate ladder, and ironically through his new position, was able to save his family from famine. Who comes up with these plots!?!

God does, and He specializes in changing our gory details into His glory details!

Our blog at Breathe Ministry is written for women in ministry, by women in ministry. Women that have the courage and compassion to share where they are in life are coming along side you to say, “We get it, we understand”.   Let’s be honest, all of us feel like we have gory details that couldn’t possibly be used by God. But the truth is, He just requires that we give him the details which He turns into glory details. God’s Word is filled with stories of regular people that were called to irregular situations…and ministry is no different. Regular women with messy, gory details that when yielded to Him can turn into glory details of His faithfulness.

We are praying that through our blog, you will find honesty, openness, and transparency.   We want to encourage you to share….share about being a wife in ministry. Share something you’re struggling with, something that God has taught you or something that you are clinging to His promises for. Ministry doesn’t exempt us from life…many of you are earnestly trying to balance it with family, work, schooling, long term illness, adoption of a child, being a caregiver, having a special needs child, battling financial struggles, having unsupportive family, etc. A great way to see your situation move from gory to glory is to share it! Tell others, write about it, and let God turn it around.

We have made it extremely easy to share your story! On our home page, put your mouse on the word “BLOG” on our menu. You will see a link “Share Your Story”. Once you click that, you will have the option to cut and paste something you’ve written into that section, or you can chose the option to answer some pre-generated questions. If you answer these questions, we will turn it into a blog post for you. It’s that simple!!

Please, prayerfully consider sharing your story today and together we will witness His faithfulness in what He has called us to!


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