There are a bunch of blogs that I enjoy reading and one of the things that a lot of bloggers do is choose a word for the year.  I’ve jumped on that bandwagon the last couple of years and I’ve been thinking about my word for the upcoming year over the past few weeks.  “Overwhelmed” kept coming to mind.  I felt overwhelmed, I heard the song on the radio and just had a feeling that “overwhelmed” was my word for 2016.

I tend to get overwhelmed easily and in several different ways.  I overcommit myself (homeroom mom at school, projects for church, things that I want to get done around the house, etc) and when the time comes to follow through, I start to panic a little bit, worried that what I can come up with in my frazzled state won’t be good enough.  Bigger projects with our house overwhelm me.  When will they ever get done?!?  When will we have the money to do some of the more major things around our home?!?  The last, and possibly most scary, thing that I get overwhelmed by is the magnitude of my responsibilities.  These go way beyond coming up with cute crafts for my 2nd graders class party and make me start questioning if I am doing enough to be a good mother, a good wife.

Big Daddy Weave sings a song called “Overwhelmed” and that has been flowing through my mind lately.  What would it really look like to be overwhelmed by the goodness of God rather than some of the silly things that take my attention now?  When I start to panic about the magnitude of my responsibilities, what would happen if I stop and think about the magnitude of my God?  I think that things would be put in perspective a little bit.  The little things would truly become just that, little things.  And the bigger things?  Well, since being a wife and mother is my God given joy, I would think that I would recognize the mercy that comes along with it.  One of the lines in the song says “God, I run into Your arms unashamed because of mercy.  I’m overwhelmed by you.”  We can run to God unashamed because he knows our weaknesses and welcomes us with His merciful open arms.

What are you overwhelmed by?  What would it look like for you to give it to God?


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