Qualities of a Good Leader

Whether you signed up for your leadership position, or were assigned to it when saying, “I do”, we all want to do our very best at leading others well. While we can make an exhaustive list from all the studies out there that mark a great leader, it seems more practical to take from Christ’s life things that made His ministry successful.

Looking at Christ’s ministry on earth, we can rest assured that He experienced some of the stress we feel every day. Each day feels like it brings more to get done, more places to run to and more people that are calling on us. How does a leader weed through those mounting needs?

Every one of us can lead with quality by growing in these 4 characteristics:

  1. Quality Leaders Take Action. Christ was laser focused on the ministry the Father called Him to. While He did take time to grow and develop, once His time came, He was ready to act. Christ knew what the Father was asking of Him, He knew it would require energy, work, strength from the Father and was ready to act on that ministry. Quality leaders are comfortable with the task the Father has given them, and they act on it!
  2. Quality Leaders Care. While knowing your ministry and what the Father has called you to is important, good leaders care about those they are leading. They see the pain, they see the problems, and they hear the hurts. They do not lead with blinders on, forcing others to come along. They show compassion, empathy, and love to those they are leading. They listen to the thoughts, ideas, and suggestions while keeping the Father’s purpose and ministry in laser focus. Good leaders are able to listen, care, and love while working out the vision God has given them.
  3. Quality Leaders Keep Their Priorities Straight. Jesus’ ministry was marked by building into people. He lived out the truth that God cares more about the journey instead of getting to the destination. We constantly see Jesus engaging with people….most time in a way that drew them closer to understanding their spiritual condition. He place people above tasks, goals, meetings, dinners, weddings etc. He never passed up an opportunity to look a sick man in the eyes and speak to his heart. He was never rushing so fast that He couldn’t stop and start a conversation with a needy, bleeding woman. Christ’s priorities were never confused. Quality leaders KNOW their ministry is based solely on people and keep that in focus.
  4. Quality Leaders Keep Healthy Boundaries.   Jesus was intentional about pouring into a small number of men. He could have chosen the masses, rather He understood the limits of being human and wisely chose to pour into a few. Christ also understood the boundaries He would need to set for his body….humanly, He was not able to continue in full time ministry if He didn’t set time aside for rest. Many times we see Christ finding time to be away from the crowds. Good leaders know in order to do ministry long term, it is important to build healthy boundaries around their time and energy.

No matter what leadership ministry position you hold, there will be times you feel like you’re just not measuring up. If you’re wondering how to step up your game, bring life back to your ministry, consider the four qualities we’ve talked about today. Take just one of them and pray about how you can change it to become a stronger leader tomorrow!


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