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Quiet Time

“I need help figuring out how to have a quiet time.”

Jeannie knew the mechanics of having a quiet time. But, for the life of her, she could not figure out how to work it into a busy family and ministry schedule. Her husband is a worship pastor and Jeannie serves in the women’s ministry in their church. Unfortunately, she had been trained by years in ministry to expect that someone would likely get their feelings hurt if she took time for herself. 

From the time Jeannie rises in the morning, and for the next few hours, each of her family members are preparing to leave for the day. Jeannie’s two young adult children had moved back home after college. They did this in order to get their feet on the ground until they could launch out on their own. Each morning, Jeannie helps with breakfast, laundry, finding keys and books, and all the things.  Before she realizes it, the morning is gone and her time with Jesus has not happened. 

Sound familiar? 

All too often women give and give until they are dry as a bone. But they are desperate for someone to help them figure out how to change. If change is even possible. 

Jesus could have served Himself into the ground during His three years on earth. But He understood something that so many have yet to grasp. He had a mission. It was a salvation mission, and nothing could deter Him from it. To that end, Jesus set personal boundaries for His time on earth. He did not heal every sick person, nor did He preach at every meeting. Jesus took time for prayer, fellowship, and being alone with His Father and His close friends. He had His quiet time.

How often do you get distracted by ALL. THE. THINGS that vie for your attention? 

Are you trying to do a thousand things to the glory of God. Are you failing miserably at nine hundred and ninety eight of them? 

Is your heart longing for rest and peace?

Let Jesus be your example of a mission-focused, boundary-setting, sold-out-to-God’s-plan individual. 


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