Rising Above

Eagle soars 1.21.15

It isn’t often that I take time to lay on the hammock in our back yard, but it was a beautiful afternoon and I was determined to take advantage of my free time. As I lay there, I watched the activity that was taking place around me. The leaves flapped in the breeze and some flurried to the ground. There were squirrels playing chase around the yard and up the nearby trees. A butterfly flittered past, lighting on a cluster of wild flowers. It was a peaceful way to enjoy some of God’s wonderful creation around me.

After several minutes, though, I saw a Biblical principle unfold before me. There were several little birds flapping around from tree to tree, darting across the yard. It was interesting to watch them. It seemed I could sense their anxiety as they flew around in such a frenzied manner.

By contrast, I caught sight of a bald eagle in the distance. It was not flapping around; no darting back and forth. Rather, it glided for quite a distance, then gave one long, smooth swoosh of its wings and soared higher. It was amazing to watch, but it also caused me to think of Isaiah 40:31 – But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

 After a bit of research, I discovered that eagles have the ability to detect storms before they actually happen. Unlike other animals that run and hide, the eagles position themselves to be able to take advantage of the incoming winds that will eventually lift them above the storm. Although the eagle does not actually escape the storm, it uses the storm to rise to a higher level. In a sense, the eagle understands how best to take advantage of a storm; it uses the storm as an ally rather than as an enemy.

I believe there is a remarkable lesson for us Christians here. We can run around each day, frenzied and full of anxiety, or we can soar on wings like eagles. We can take advantage of the storms in our lives to lift us to a higher level of faith in God. We can overcome life’s storms and trials by allowing our faith to act as an instrument for God’s power to lift us up and above our current situation. So, hope in the Lord, renew your strength and soar like an eagle!


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