Save the Date…no seriously, save it!

Coffee Night 2.29 announcement

Friendship is so important.  Without my best girlfriend, my other relationships would suffer.  A good friend is worth her weight in gold…or chocolate!  My closest friend doesn’t live close, but if she did I know we would meet up at least once a week, if not more to run errands together, shop for second hand clothes, and maybe even discuss when we’re going to exercise together…ok, maybe not that one.  A close friend helps us keep our head above the waves when we are in the middle of a storm.

Dear ministry friend,

Let me encourage you today to seriously think about coming out to one of the coffee nights we have started.  Ministry life is hard to navigate alone and there are a bunch of us women that just want to sit, sip some coffee, and start to build into you.  We are excited to connect.

Not sure what to expect?  Well, basically we just come at 7pm, order whatever specialty coffee or tea you want (maybe even splurge on a sticky bun since no kids are around) and meet in a private room together.  The goal is to get away from the demands, take off our masks, and have some safe down time with other women that just “get it”…get the busyness, the juggling of roles, the tired spirit, the need to laugh.

We also talk about other things besides ministry…good things…like work, life, seasons we’re in, plans for upcoming events, food, family…and sometimes, just sometimes, information leaks out about what is being planned for Breathe in the future!

Maybe you could check your schedule and see if Feb. 29th works for us to get together?

Consider coming…we will be there just waiting….with a coffee in hand…and probably a sticky bun too!

Your friend,


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