Savoring the Moment

In the Moment 12.21

Young, Pregnant, Mary

Do you ever feel too young for the task at hand?  Wish you had a bit more wisdom to navigate the situation better?  Maybe you’ve felt that with so much going on around you, that all you can do is hold on tight and ride it out.

I imagine that’s what young Mary probably felt.  Pregnant, very uncomfortable, probably had to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes (imagine that donkey ride to Bethlehem!), feeling fat, wishing she could get a handle on her pregnancy hormones, ready to snap, and just about done with it all.

While we never really see that side of Mary in Scripture, we do know she was human and experienced human frustrations.  Luke reveals in Chapter 2, though, that she must have been more of an introspective young lady.  Knowing her current situation was way more then she felt qualified to handle, we find her pondering, thinking, cherishing.  I envision her trying desperately to take a mental picture of all the supernatural things that were happening.

Mary makes me think of what my reactions to unfamiliar situations are.  I complain and wrestle, I try to make sense of it all, I experience sadness, frustration, and fear.  Pondering and cherishing are not some of my first reactions.

But Mary’s response to her situation is one of calmness.  She was able to be still, to capture the memory, to make it last.  She lived in the moment.

How can I live more in the moment this Christmas?  I want to look through the viewfinder of my camera and be present enough to capture the memory…I want to savor.

Maybe I buy paper plates so I have less dishes to wash with everyone home.  Maybe I turn on my favorite Christmas music right when I wake up and enjoy the sound as I start my day.  Or maybe I revamp my “to do” list crossing some things off so that I can seize the special moments as they come.

Pondering and cherishing is something we all want to get better at….how will you do it this next week?  What will you change in the next day so you can be more available to “live in the moment”?

Blessings this Christmas season!


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