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So Let Your Imagination Fly!

Here in Idaho it is not only the Covid-19, but also, as of last night, a 6.3 earthquake.  The thing is, I live in Idaho because we don’t have hurricanes, tornadoes, or earthquakes.  Only, I guess we do have earthquakes. Lots of people on the internet are joking. 

One of my friends joked “I was looking for the locust, not this.”

But I’m telling you, I am very proud of America, and especially many of the churches. We have taken this adjustment in stride and found incredible ways to still minister to our congregations. Therefore, May I give shout outs to these creative pastors who let their imagination fly:

  • The pastors of a small church in Oklahoma took an afternoon to take ice cream to all the elderly in their church – keeping the requisite six feet away.
  • Many pastors and their wives shifted gears to learn new technology in order to minister to their congregations. For people, just seeing their pastor is such a comfort in the tenuous times. We understand that keeping in touch is vital.
  • Some churches are using Facebook lessons for the kids, and mailing PDF crafts for them.
  • One pastor’s wife sent their church people a Flat Jesus. (Kind of like the old kids’ books, Flat Stanley). She asked them to take Jesus with them on their quarantine adventures to remind them that Jesus is with them wherever they go…or don’t go. Apparently this week, Jesus has helped with dishes and been on a walk.

Also you can let your imagination fly with these ideas:

  • Just for relief, send a silly video link to your congregation such as Quarantine ASMR church
  • If you planned ahead for Easter but now your plans are canceled, follow what one church is doing. They call it “You’ve Been Egged.” It’s a random ding and dash at children’s homes.  The church will be safe with no contact and wearing gloves 
  • Drive by your people’s homes to honk and wave. This lets them know you’re thinking of them.
  • Use the U.S. mail to send encouraging cards and inspirational thoughts.
  • Use Zoom or Skype, to continue your Bible studies and small groups.
  • Encourage members to begin or continue family devotions. If the children are small using a child devotional would be great. Discuss the story around the dinner table.

I want to share a favorite quote: “The church is not empty, the Church has been deployed.” 

In conclusion, God, the author of creativity, will give you wisdom in how to remain in touch with the people in your church and community.

So let your imagination fly!


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